Something wicked this way comes…

It has been over a century since the first war between Orcs and Humans came to abrupt end as the Orc warlord, Rath, crumpled the Human defenses in Hastings. His surprising victory over the superior foe struck the whole of Westfall in a fit of entropy; yet oddly, Rath lowered the Orcish fist from the bared neck of the Human race and proposed a shocking treaty. Rath’s terms included the Human acknowledgment of Orc superiority in all regards including militarily. He demanded the Human lessening of arms and army.

Beaten and misguided, the Humans of Westfall agreed to the terms of the peace treaty, throwing their arms to the Orcs and losing the solidity of their once struggling new nation. A cloud formed over the people of Westfall, and their desire to expand and conquer became neutered.

It was only in the past months that a powerful religious leader emerged from the smoldering ash of Westfall and began to unite the cities of old together again. The kingdoms now lead a holy way against the pig-men. While the cusp of war had not yet been breached, the shaky bond of peace was finally shattered as an Orc emissary was throw from the balconies of the castle Hastings, the shining new capital of the Westfallian Kingdom. The powerful holy warrior, Bryin, calls upon the forces of holiness and purity to burn the scum of Orc from the world. His new order, The Righteous Hand, seeks to do nothing but purge the land of Westfall of Orc. Even as armies of men flow to the south-east like a great tide, a whisper of fear passes through the Unclaimed Territory, as the local populace fear for their freedom as the religious persecution rips wildly through their towns.

The Rath of Westfall

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